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Android Stack - Custom Android App Development We are a low-cost Android app development company based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Our UK Android app developers specialise in bespoke Android application development and we offer market-beating fixed-price quotes for all the bespoke Android apps we develop.

We follow the latest best practice for mobile app development and can can develop secure, robust, cutting-edge, tailor-made Android apps for a highly competitive price.

All Android app development work is done in-house, from our office in Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK (only 30 minutes' drive from London and Cambridge).

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We keep abreast of changes to the Android operating system!

Project Strobe
Android Location Permissions In early 2018 the Android team at Google started "Project Strobe", a review of how much access Android app developers should have to an Android device's data and Google accounts. As UK-based Android app developers who develop complex custom Android apps for our clients, this on-going project has an impact on how we code our bespoke Android apps going forward.

For example, previously Android users were asked to accept certain permissions (e.g. access to camera, microphone, storage, location, etc.) when they first installed the app our Android app development team had developed for them. Following the Project Strobe review these permissions are no longer requested when installing the app but are instead requested on the screens requiring the access (by means of popup dialog windows) so we need to code the relevant screens to check that their permission is still granted and if not request it again and, for each permission required, users could say deny permission e.g. not allow our Android app to access their location or camera.

If the bespoke Android app we have developed is for say a client's field engineers and they need us to say super-impose the current longitude and latitude on any photos taken through our app then we need to code to deal with the engineer refusing that permission. Having insufficient permission errors can potentially lead to unexpected app errors which of course is a bad user experience, i.e. something to strongly avoid. Our Android app development team will code (and test) our bespoke Android apps to deal with such eventualities.

A new version of Android (Android Q) will be released in late 2019 (as of April 2019 it is still in beta) and this new Android operating system will give users more control over when apps can get their location. As usual, the Android apps we develop can only get the user's location if the user has granted permission, however, with Android Q users can give our Android apps permission to see their location either never, only when the app is in use (running), or all the time (when in the background). As many of the historic Android apps we developed allowed management to get an idea of where their field engineers were currently, these new permissions will again have to be dealt with in code (e.g. restricting use if say they have not granted permission to location all the time if management need to have that data).

Foldable Android smartphones and tablets
In early 2019 the world's largest Android device manufacturers (e.g. Samsung and Huawei) unveiled their first Android devices with foldable screens.

As low-cost UK Android app developers we are keeping a close eye on this new device format as it offers us opportunities when developing custom Android apps for our clients because multitasking on an Android phone or tablet can become much easier due to an expandable screen area.

For example, you can be looking at an installation manual on one side of the screen whilst updating one of our bespoke Android apps with installation updates on the other, making your field engineers much more productive.

Our UK Android app developers could develop a cutting-edge Android app optimised for foldable tablets which can fold easily fit into your field engineers' pockets.

What is the Android operating system?

Android is an open source operating system for mobile devices developed by Google and made available to Android Open Source Project members (e.g. hardware manufacturers such as Samsung & HTC) and has the largest installed base of any operating system.

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How we develop your bespoke Android apps

We have been developing custom-made Android apps since the first stable version of Android back in 2009. We use over 20 years of custom app development experience to develop bespoke, secure, robust and scalable Android apps on time and on budget.

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How we test the Android apps we develop

Testing your Android app is an integral part of the app development process because mobile Android apps run on various devices (smartphones, tablets & chromebooks) that can vary considerably in screen size, resolution, processing power, memory and connectivity.

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How we apply Android app quality guidelines

Android users expect high-quality apps which directly influences the long-term success of your app in terms of engagement and user retention. We will put the Android apps we develop for you through a compact set of quality criteria and associated tests.

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Saving data in a local Android database

Because we develop bespoke Android apps for UK businesses who may have users working in areas with no internet / WiFi connectivity, any data from remote servers (e.g. job/site data) must persist locally on the app when they don't have an internet connection.

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Keeping sensitive data safe in Android apps

It is of the utmost importance to us that we keep the data entered by users of our bespoke Android apps safe, secure and private (e.g. information they enter on forms or indeed photos, videos or signatures they take via the Android apps we have developed).

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Android design guidelines

Android users expect the bespoke Android app we develop for you to look and behave in a way that's consistent with the platform (i.e. so the navigation, paging, scrolling, etc. look and feel the same as other Android apps they have on their device).

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Android app performance and battery drain

When developing your tailor-made Android app we need to make sure that the app uses as little battery power as possible, starts up quickly and responds quickly and gracefully to user swipes and clicks. Nobody wants to use a sluggish app or one that drains the battery!

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Android app architecture to cope with app-hopping

As opposed to classic desktop apps which open a default opening screen, Android apps can contain many components and the user could be interrupted by a phone call or notification and expects to resume the previous process. The custom Android app we develop will handle these flows correctly.

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Background work with Android WorkManager

WorkManager is an Android library that supports asynchronous one-off and periodic tasks as well as managing network conditions, storage space and charging status. It allows us to schedule the order that each background task is performed, even when the custom Android app we developed has been closed.

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Staying cutting-edge with Android app development

To develop low-cost, custom-made, state-of-the-art Android apps for our customers, we follow the 'Advanced Android Development' sessions created by the Android development training team at Google so we know the most secure and robust way to add the very latest, advanced features to our Android apps.

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Android apps that run on Chromebooks

Optimising a bespoke Android application for the Chrome operating system offers big rewards in both usability and functionality. Allowing a custom Android app to handle keyboard and mouse input correctly can make the Android app more accessible for users who have difficulty with typical smartphone interfaces.

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Text recognition in Android apps

ML Kit is a mobile SDK that brings Google's machine learning expertise to Android apps and allows our Android app developers to use custom TensorFlow Lite models in your custom-made Android app. By integrating ML Kit's text recognition APIs with your Android app we can recognise text in any Latin-based language.

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Obtaining location data in Android apps

Most mobile devices can tell the device's current location and the custom-made Android apps which our Android app development team code for you can utilise this data to say stamp the longitude, latitude and time on photos taken via the app as well as passing location data back to server-based management systems.

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Augmented reality apps for Android

ARCore is Google’s platform for building augmented reality apps on Android allowing your phone to sense its environment and enable multiple users to place virtual content in the same real world location that can be seen on different devices in the same position and orientation relative to the environment.

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