Aylesbury Mobile App Development for Android

Low-cost mobile app developers for Android for organisations in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Our bleeding-edge mobile app development team is nearby in Hitchin, just 25 miles from Aylesbury.

Guess what?
25 is the distance in miles (as the crow flies) from Aylesbury to our UK Android app development team in Hitchin and 25 also happens to be the price in US dollars to register as an Android app developer on Google Play so consumer apps can be published on Google Play. As we tend to only develop private enterprise Android apps we don't bother with this app publishing channel as we push out enterprise Android apps directly to customer devices. (Publishing Android apps on Google Play)

About App Developer for Android

We are a low-cost UK mobile app development company for Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Dunstable and Bletchley. We are cutting-edge Android app developers for Buckinghamshire. We offer high quality, custom, Android app development services and make sure that each bespoke Android app we develop follows Google's Core App Quality Guidelines.

We specialise in the development of enterprise Android apps.

We develop bespoke mobile applications for the Android platform by leveraging over 15 years of hard-won skill and expertise in commercially-proven app development. We build robust, state-of-the-art Android apps with a focus on business apps integrating with corporate IT systems.

Highly experienced business-focussed professional mobile app development for Aylesbury. We identify your Buckinghamshire business objectives and develop bespoke Android apps that meet those objectives. Advanced, bespoke mobile app development for Android for organisations in the town of Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard, Berkhamsted, Chesham, Dunstable and Bletchley in Buckinghamshire

We offer unparalleled levels of service and support, a fast turnaround service and great cost efficiency. No matter what your requirements we have the in-house technical skills to build a cost-effective, robust solution.

Our mobile app development prices for Android apps are so competitive you could feel dizzy from the delight in how much you have saved. Don't worry, you can get something to calm you down from a Aylesbury pharmacy such as 306 Meadowcroft, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, HP19 9HZ or 5 Bessemer Crescent, Rabans Lane, Indust.Area, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 8TF or Tesco Superstore, Broadfields,Bicester Rd, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, HP19 3BU.

How much does a bespoke Android app cost?

The cost of a bespoke Android app will be between £2,000 and £5,000.

We can charge so little as we keep unnecessary costs to a minimum (e.g. we have no salespeople nor do we have a flash office).

You will feel so happy you asked App Developer for Android to develop your bespoke Android app that you may not be able to stop smiling! You can make sure your teeth are looking great by visiting one of your local Aylesbury dentists i.e. eastgate dental centre, eastgate house, 46 wedgewood street, aylesbury, buckinghamshire, HP19 7HL or dental surgery, 45 buckingham road, aylesbury, buckinghamshire, HP19 9PT.

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Our office is open from 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday and email enquiries will be responded to within 15 minutes during business hours.

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Our prices are criminally low, but not as criminal as these crimes reported in Aylesbury during January 2017

How safe is Aylesbury Buckinghamshire?
Please see below some January 2017 crimes for Aylesbury which we have added to show you how our Android app developers can integrate data from external sources into apps.

Not happy with the Aylesbury crime clear up rates shown below? Try sending a letter to your Conservative MP for Aylesbury, David Lidington.

bicycle theft
  • Railway Street (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Rickford's Hill (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Friars Square Shopping Centre (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Ayrshire Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Hanover Close (Under investigation)
  • Hanover Close (Under investigation)
  • Slattenham Close (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Henton Mews (Under investigation)
  • Saunders Place (Under investigation)
  • Petrol Station (Under investigation)
criminal damage arson
  • Coxhill Way (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Sports/recreation Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Albany Place (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Kingsbury (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Petrol Station (Under investigation)
  • Long Lional (Under investigation)
  • Hale Leys Shopping Centre (Awaiting court outcome)
  • Briars Close (Under investigation)
  • Hanover Close (Under investigation)
  • Nelson Terrace (Under investigation)
other theft
  • Bicester Road (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Smeaton Close (Under investigation)
  • Haines Close (Under investigation)
  • Henton Mews (Under investigation)
  • Printers End (Under investigation)
possession of weapons
  • Oxford Road (Under investigation)
  • Rickford's Hill (Under investigation)
public order
  • Nightclub (Offender given penalty notice)
  • Friarscroft Way (Under investigation)
  • Silver Street (Offender fined)
  • Shopping Area (Under investigation)
  • Briars Close (Under investigation)
  • Gatehouse Road (Under investigation)
  • Oxford Road (Under investigation)
  • Gatehouse Road (Under investigation)
  • Oxford Road (Under investigation)
  • Park/open Space (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Shopping Area (Under investigation)
  • Broadfields (Under investigation)
  • Hale Leys Shopping Centre (Under investigation)
  • Supermarket (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
theft from the person
  • Nightclub (Under investigation)
  • Shopping Area (Under investigation)
  • Pedestrian Subway (Under investigation)
  • Long Lional (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Shopping Area (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
vehicle crime
  • Coxhill Way (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Hartwell End (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • March Place (Under investigation)
  • Parker Walk (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
  • Mill Meadow (Investigation complete; no suspect identified)
violent crime
  • Supermarket (Under investigation)
  • Kingsbury (Under investigation)
  • Springfield Close (Under investigation)
  • Holland Road (Under investigation)
  • Gatehouse Close (Awaiting court outcome)
other crime
  • Rickford's Hill (Under investigation)
  • Nightclub (Under investigation)
  • Sheriff Close (Under investigation)
  • Gatehouse Road (Awaiting court outcome)

These apps developed by Android App Developer mark a new turn towards technology for an industry that’s been slow to adapt until now. With no suitable ‘off the shelf’ solution available below costly, enterprise level software, we were involved in the development process from the start, getting the right solution that suited our operations and our customers.

Ben Guy, Managing Director
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