Android Design Guidelines

Android users expect the bespoke Android app we develop for you to look and behave in a way that's consistent with the platform (i.e. so the navigation, paging, scrolling, etc. look and feel the same as other Android apps they have on their device).

Design for smartphones & tablets

Android's system User Interface (UI) provides the framework on top of which we develop your bespoke Android app, whether we are developing it for smartphones, tablets, smartwatches or other types of Android device. UI elements that are critically important for smartphones and tablets include the Home screen, device navigation and notifications.

Home, All Apps, and Recents screens
System bars
The system bars are screen areas dedicated to the display of notifications, communication of device status, and device navigation. The system bars (which consist of the status and navigation bars) are displayed concurrently with the bespoke Android apps we develop for you. However, if the app needs to display immersive content (e.g. videos or images) we can code your Android app so it temporarily dims the system bar icons for a less distracting user experience, or temporarily hide the bars for a fully immersive experience.

However, you should think about your users before modifying the system bars as they give users a standard way of navigating a device and viewing its status and therefore they may not be happy with your app if it hides the system bars.
Status Bar - Displays app notifications and system status information
Status Bar
Displays app notifications and system status information.
Navigation Bar -  Provides the device navigation controls Back, Home, and Recents
Navigation Bar
Provides the device navigation controls Back, Home, and Recents.

Design for smartwatches (Wear OS)

Designing Android apps for devices powered by Wear OS is different than designing for smartphones or tablets be causeWear OS uses four interaction types: notifications, watch faces, native apps, and voice commands.

Notifications display ambient, contextual data. A notification may also let the user launch your app.

Notifications can offer lightweight experiences, like replying to a message, opening a location on a map, or playing a song. There are ready-made notification templates for instant messaging, music playback, and calendar events.

Watch faces and complications
Watch faces can tell more than the hour and date. By adding a gadget called a complication to the watch face, an installed app can display useful, timely information.

With a single tap on the watch face, users can open an app associated with a complication or change the look of the watch face itself, such as its color.

Wear OS apps
As experienced developers of bespoke Android apps, we can can create branded, engaging experiences using native Android apps. These apps can take advantage of a watch's hardware to provide on-demand experiences that are independent of a phone.

Voice commands
Voice commands allow hands-free interaction with Wear OS. Commands can use Google’s search services and trigger actions on installed apps.

These apps developed by App Developer for Android mark a new turn towards technology for an industry that’s been slow to adapt until now. With no suitable ‘off the shelf’ solution available below costly, enterprise level software, we were involved in the development process from the start, getting the right solution that suited our operations and our customers.

Ben Guy, Managing Director
Hammond Produce

App Developer for Android quickly understood what we needed and were able to develop exactly what was required with minimal input from ourselves. As this was the first Android app we had developed we were pleased that it was done on time and within the quoted price. We would gladly work with them again and recommend them.

Mark Austin, Managing Director
Wing Parking

Having recently moved to Android PDAs for our mobile workforce, we identified a need for a Bespoke App and a Web-based Management System to control it. App Developer for Android demonstrated a real understanding for our needs and a "can do" attitude that we found extremely helpful. Their solution was provided on time and within budget and has exceeded our expectations. We will be happy to work with them again when we have further requirements.

Trevor Wright, IT Manager

Excellent service, clear pricing and Alastair is so easy to deal with. Would definitely recommend. We're very pleased with our new App!

Mary Stealey, Operations Manager
Just Filters - Harlow, Essex

Alastair was great at understanding our needs and building a new android app and web-facing management interface that met all our requirements. The solution was delivered within impressive timescales and at a competitive price. He kept us up to date throughout the project, was happy to be involved in conference calls to discuss setup and deployment, and was always incredibly responsive to our questions and requests for further enhancements. It was a pleasure working with Alastair and we look forward to the opportunity of working with him again in the future.

Stephen Connolly, Technical Team Manager
Parker Hannifin - Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire