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We build bug and error monitoring into all the Android apps we develop so we know instantly if there is a problem!

We integrate ACRA (a leading open-source bug/crash reporting library) into all the Android apps we develop. This means we get instant notification if any of our apps crash or throw any type of error. This allows us to deal proactively with any issues which were not identified during our extensive pre-release testing.

What is ACRA?

ACRA is a Java library which allows Android apps to automatically send crash or error reports to our App Developer for Android report server. This allows our Android app development team to receive instant notifications when an app we have developed crashes or behaves erroneously.

Why is ACRA so good?

ACRA is a robust error notification tool which is running on over 1 billion Android devices worldwide. It allows our Android app developers to receive far more detailed crash and error reports about the device running the app than the data displayed in say in Google Play.

As we focus on the development of private enterprise Android apps rather than public consumer Android apps, this ACRA reporting tool is indeed priceless.

Just some of the benefits of us integrating the free open-source ACRA bug and error monitoring into all our apps:
  • We can add our own content or debug traces to the reports so we can get back error data relevant to the business logic of the specific Android app we developed.
  • If there is no network coverage, ACRA crash/error reports are stored on the Android device and sent to our App Developer for Android report server as soon as network coverage has returned.

What do we do with crash or error reports?

It is all well and good receiving data, it is how you use that data which counts. Our Android app development team get an email notification as soon as any of our apps generate any error or indeed crash. This error report tells us the device used, the screen they were on, the activity they were attempting when the error was thrown and the exact line of Java code which triggered the error. This allows the App Developer for Android to look at the app source code and try to replicate that error and then resolve. We then push an automatic update of the Android app to devices so that error does not happen again.

Proactive support!

We are fanatical about providing excellent technical and customer support!

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