What is Android?

Android is the world’s most popular mobile operating system currently running on almost 90% of all smartphones worldwide.

Android is an open source project led by Google. The Android Open Source Project. Android is an operating system for mobile phones, tablets and a range of other devices such as smart watches and in-car entertainment systems. Think of Windows on your PC, Android is the mobile equivalent.

Here at App Developer for Android we try to keep ahead of the curve by continuously learning about advances in the Android operating system. Announcements made by Google at their Google I/O conferences and via Google's Android Developer YouTube Channel are a great place to get real-time notification of important changes to Android and we make sure we follow these channels regularly (some examples of what we read and learn below).

Here are a few invaluable Google videos for Android app developers...

Android Memory Churn and Performance
How to manage memory consumption in Android apps.

Optimizing Network Request Frequencies
Syncing data from the cloud too often can be terrible for Android app performance.

Effective Prefetching
The optimal way to batch requests to reduce overall network traffic is prefetching data.

Adapting to Latency
Code your Android app to act properly when moving from a great network connection to a bad one.

Minimising Asset Payload
Some helpful tips to reduce file sizes for some of the most commonly transferred assets in your Android App.

Service Performance Patterns
Services are an integral component of almost every android application, however, the functionality they provide comes with a drain on battery and system resources.

Removing Unused Code
Third party libraries can be some serious time savers for Android development, however, the code-bloat can slow down your Android app.

Performance Theory: Caching
Caching is the computing principle that enables your Android app to access data faster.

Performance Theory: Batching
Everything in computing has some associated performance overhead, separating out that overhead and only computing it once for several instances of the same operation or task is the trick here.

Serialization performance
Data Serialisation is an important aspect of every android application; but when it comes to performance, there's a right, and a wrong way to do it.

Smaller Serialized Data
For mobile applications, serialised data can be a massive chunk of information that you pull from your servers.

Caching UI Data
How to speed up app screen loading to avoid showing spinners while the activity behind it is trying to load UI data.

CPU Frequency Scaling
When it comes to performance, there’s some stuff you can control, and there’s some stuff that you just have to be aware of, and work around.

Android SparseArray
This video introduces the SparseArray family of containers. They look and act just like HashMaps, but don’t have the Autoboxing overhead.

The price of ENUMs
The effect that enums have on Android code size, memory footprint, and runtime performance.

Trimming and Sharing Memory
Leverage some handy APIs to share memory with other apps running on the Android device.

Android Security
New Android security APIs and best practices for protecting data and keeping apps secure.

Android App Battery and Memory Optimisation
This video highlights best practice for developing battery and memory efficient Android apps.

These apps developed by App Developer for Android mark a new turn towards technology for an industry that’s been slow to adapt until now. With no suitable ‘off the shelf’ solution available below costly, enterprise level software, we were involved in the development process from the start, getting the right solution that suited our operations and our customers.

Ben Guy, Managing Director
Hammond Produce

App Developer for Android quickly understood what we needed and were able to develop exactly what was required with minimal input from ourselves. As this was the first Android app we had developed we were pleased that it was done on time and within the quoted price. We would gladly work with them again and recommend them.

Mark Austin, Managing Director
Wing Parking

Having recently moved to Android PDAs for our mobile workforce, we identified a need for a Bespoke App and a Web-based Management System to control it. App Developer for Android demonstrated a real understanding for our needs and a "can do" attitude that we found extremely helpful. Their solution was provided on time and within budget and has exceeded our expectations. We will be happy to work with them again when we have further requirements.

Trevor Wright, IT Manager